It is important for persons with epilepsy and their caregivers to have information that ensures safety and improves seizure control. Here are some resources relating to epilepsy care.

Epilepsy Foundation

Very useful website for a wide range of information about seizures, epilepsy management and a hotline to call if you need support.

Epilepsy foundation

Seizure First Aid

Information about what to do when your loved one is having a seizure.

Epilepsy management plans

This link will take you to the Epilepsy Foundations page where you can download an appropriate epilepsy management plan if needed.

epilepsy management plans

Epilepsy Sparks

Check out this website if you are interested in epilepsy in general and learn more about epilepsy research and living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Sparks

Epilepsy Smart Australia

Another useful website with various resources, learning courses and a hotline to call for support if needed.

Epilepsy Smart Australia

Australian Epilepsy Pregnancy Register

Planning to conceive, recently pregnant or at any stage of pregnancy. Register with the AEPR as it helps determine which medications are safest to take for the baby while preventing the mother from having seizures.
Australian Epilepsy Pregnancy Register

Disclaimer: The advice provided on this page and website is intended for general use, not formal medical advise and does not replace the advice you will be given for your specific condition by your epilepsy specialist