We have a team of epilepsy specialists ready to see patients with a suspected seizure or epilepsy, or pre-existing epilepsy

We prioritise patients who have had their first seizure so they can get timely review and have appropriate next steps organised.

We can provide in-person or TeleVideo consultations Australia-wide.

For TeleVideo consultations, you will be sent a appointment time and a link to video consultation via email or text and you can join from your phone /tablet/or computer. Please ensure you are in a place with good internet connectivity at the time of the appointment.

If your blackout or seizure was witnessed, if possible have the person who witnessed the event ready to be contacted so the specialist can get a first-hand account of what was observed during the event.

This is a private specialist clinic service and part of your consultation fee will be covered by Medicare but there will be an out of pocket expense. You will be advised of the fee when you request an appointment.

If you identify as an Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander,and are registered for Closing the Gap with Medicare, there will be no out of pocket expense.


Epilepsy Research

All of our epilepsy specialists are involved in research to improve the quality of life and improve treatments for epilepsy in the future During your appointment you may be given the opportunity to participate in Epilepsy research with your consent.
We are currently involved in several First seizure research projects and the Australian Epilepsy project. For first seizure research send us an enquiry and we will contact you if you are eligible to participate in one of the projects.

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